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Happy Tails Success Stories

The best part of every adoption is seeing our dogs living their best lives, going on adventures, gettin' all the snuggles and treats, hoggin' the couch, tuggin' on toys, and just being a true member of a family. 

If you live with a Waggin' Tails alumni dog, show us and other pet lovers how awesome it is to adopt!  Please email your success story and photo to

Pip with Adam and daughter.jpg


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Genesee County Animal Control

Fostered by:  Eve

Adopted:  Feb 2017 by Adam and daughter Madison

Pip started out with us shy and reserved but is now living life as just a regular ol' doggo who enjoys walks and car rides and her humans.

From Adam:  I truly believe she saved us just as much as we may have saved her. She is the sweetest most loyal and loving dog.

Cami Colorado 4-8-2021 b.jpg


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Detroit Animal Care and Control

Medical:  Treated for heartworm

Fostered by:  Tracey

Adopted:  June 2018 by Rebecca

From Cami:  Cami moved to Colorado with her mom and gets to hike in the mountains now frequentlyI am living my best life navigating this world with my awesome new mom.

Rocky adopted Leslie first boat ride May


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Owner Surrender  

Fostered by:  Kenneled but championed by volunteers Monica, Tracey, and Kumi

Adopted:  Nov 2019 by Lesley & Daden and canine Dori

Enjoying his first boat ride.  Rocky routinely sends updates to his 'Aunt Monica.'

Athena a.jpg


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Oakland County Animal Control after a one year stay.

Fostered by:  Natalie

Adopted:  Oct 2016 by Natalie and Mike

Athena is the apple of her mom's eye!

Photo taken by: Pawdacious Portraits


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Found as a stray.

Fostered by:  Andrea and Shawn

Adopted:  Mar 2015 by Andrea and Shawn

Elvis serves as trusty companion and fellow adventurer to his humans traveling the           country.  Is Elvis the luckiest dog ever or what?  He's probably been to more states than most people.  Maybe he'll pen his memoir one day.

Elvin adventure 2019.jpg
Elvis with Andrea Sedona 2020.JPG

Frankie Jane

Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Owner Surrender at 10 1/2 weeks old as "Jane."

Fostered by:  Lauren & Derek

Adopted:  Jan 2016 by the Rubin's

           Frankie Jane (black & tan) spends most of her time with her brother from

           another mother when not on home security patrol and lets mom take as                 many pics as she wants.  

frankie Jane update 3.jpg
Frankie Jane update 2.jpg
Reunion - Cinnamon.jpg


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  River Rouge Animal Shelter

Fostered by:  Jen B.

Adopted:  May 2017 by Sharon, Marc & their four sweet kids

Cinnamon's family goes all out and celebrates the day she arrived for a one week trial and her official Gotcha Day!  No doubt this girl found her forever place in the world.

Edmund Update May 2020.jpg


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Part of the Explorer litter of 10, born to Detroit stray, Amelia.

Fostered by:  Jess & Mark

Adopted:  June 2015 by William & Rose

As a shameless snack swiper, Edmund is not taking his awesome life for granted and making the best of all adventures with his family. 

Emmy Update 5-25-2020 .jpg


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Bark Nation

Fostered by:  Stephanie and Suzanne and Josh. Sometimes it takes a village.

Adopted:  August 2019 by Amber and Brandon

Found as the only surviving pup living in deplorable conditions, our girl is now living life to the fullest, getting all the snuggles she can.  As you can see, Emmy is a total daddy's girl!

Burrito now Scooby Update 5-2020.jpg

Scooby (formerly Burrito)

Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Detroit Animal Care & Control

Fostered by:  Suzanne 

Adopted:  August 2019 by Tracy and 

From Scooby's mom: Squirrel patrol is his favorite activity followed by frisbee. He's a character ;)  GREAT dog and makes everyone, even strangers, feel very loved and special to him.  We certainly are very grateful to all that led him our way!!!

Earl update Susan.jpg


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  River Rouge Animal Shelter

Fostered by:  Jen and Kevin

Adopted:  November 2018 by Susan and kitty Simon

Relinquished to the shelter with frustrating skin issues but now lives happily with Susan, playing fetch, chasing water from the hose, lounging on the hammock with mom and sometimes puts on his therapy-dog hat to spread some love. 

Jimmy 2019.jpg


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Detroit Animal Care and Control (the old building)

Fostered by:  Cathy and Matt

Adopted:  November 2018 by Cathy and Matt plus canine sis, Josie

Jimmy Jimmerson is quite the spoiled doggo!  Mom and Dad serve up popsicles, pizza bones and homemade cakes to the most deserving boy. Jimmy also has a bed in the spare bathroom for ultimate comfort during scary thunderstorms and fireworks!

Bailey 9-25-2020 upate crop.jpg


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Owners who decided to re-home instead of taking Bailey with them when they moved.

Fostered by:  Julia

Adopted:  November 2018 by Lynda and Jay

Diagnosed with Diabetes shortly after adoption, Bailey is managing well with her dedicated new family taking care of her.  Bailey headed to the eastern seashore for the first time this year and while she wasn't fond of the water she did learn to land surf!

Red at Menchies 2019.jpg


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Dog Aide

Fostered by:  Tedi

Adopted:  August 2019 by Meaghan and 4-Legged pal, Sylas.

Red, the 65 lb. lapdog, is enjoying life with his mom and brindle doppleganger, Sylas. Red and Sylas are the best of buds, wear matching reflective jackets when out in the backyard at night and keep their awesome big backyard squirrel-free. 

Red Update Summer 2020 crop.jpg
Maggie updated 2020 a.jpg


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Witness who picked her up after being tossed from a vehicle on a cold winter day in the city.

Fostered by:  Beth

Adopted:  2012 by Shelly and Dave

Maggie is a therapy dog and made appearances with Waggin' Tails, meeting kids to teach them about rescue dogs.  She has also competed in agility, served as playmates to resident foster dogs, paddle boards with her dad, and is her mom's BFF. 

Nala swim Updated summer 2020.jpeg

Nala (formerly Lily)

Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Concerned animal advocate who discovered Lily had been handed off to several homes as a pup and needed stability.

Fostered by:  Finder

Adopted:  August 2019 by Jill, Jason and their two sweet girls

Despite a rough start, Nala has grown into a well-adjusted 60lb. lapdog who loves to swim with the family in the pool and chew on sticks. Her mom says, "We love her so much!  She makes us all very happy!!!"

Chloe Aug 2018 with Esther crop.jpg


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Reluctantly relinquished by owner with health issues.

Fostered by:  4-Legged Friends Daycare & Boarding

Adopted:  2018 by Esther and Tom

This city slicker now lives on a farm and walks at least a mile a day with her mom.  People always want to stop to meet beautiful Chloe.  Esther's mom said, "I don't know who rescued who but Chloe is a true wonder."  Enjoy all that fresh air, Chloe!

Cooper update Aug 2020.jpg
Cooper on first day home 2010.jpg


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  A rural animal shelter.

Fostered by:  Tammy

Adopted:  2009 by Ann and Scott

We didn't think Cooper could get any more handsome but we're suckers for a silver muzzle!  Cooper is still crackin' up his people with his antics.  Check out the inset photo.

That's Cooper on his first day in his new home way back when.  What a sweetheart! 

Billy update 10-30-2020.JPG
Billy Sept 2018 c.jpg

Billy - Forever In Our Hearts

Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Bark Nation 

Fostered by:  Dan

Adopted:  Dan and canine brothers, Duke and Dixon, in January 2019

Found on the streets of Detroit, under a bridge, with bite trauma, open wounds and scars all over his body, this young boy didn't know it a the time, but he was on his way to the best, most cushiest, spoiled dog kinda life ever!  Billy's got his foster-turned-forever dad tightly wrapped around his little paw and its one big mark in the win column for all involved in Billy's journey. 

** Sadly, Billy unexpectedly passed away in late 2020 but Billy's undeniable pure-of- heart spirit lives on in all who were lucky enough to meet him. 

Hershey Updated Oct 2020.jpg


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Gladwin County Animal Shelter

Fostered by:  Beth

Adopted:  2009 by Jeff and family

Hershey is enjoying his twilight years lounging in the backyard sun and hanging out with his best cat pal, Harry, along with kitties Hermione & Katniss plus canine sister, Ginny.  We're so happy that Hershey has enjoyed a great life with Jeff and his family out in the country. 

Emmie with Jen.jpg


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Ionia County Animal Control 

Fostered by:  Jen and Kevin

Adopted:  By Jen and Kevin in 2012

Emmy was heartworm positive when she arrived at Waggin' Tails. We fixed her up good-as-new and expected to send her on her way to a forever home.  Little did we know, Emmie decided that her foster home would be the perfect forever home!   When she isn't gazing lovingly into the eyes of her mom, Emmy tries to frame her canine pals for shredding pillows. All is forgiven. She's too cute to be mad at. 

Chance Update new home.PNG

Chance (now Jax)

Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Good Samaritan found Chance at the River Rouge park on a cold January day in 2013.

Fostered by:  Coyote

Adopted:   May 2013 by Katelyn

Poor lil guy was trying to keep warm in the middle of winter on his own in Detroit.  He had a horrible case of mange. Foster mom, Coyote, worked hard to heal Chance's skinny little body back to health... and she did!  Today he's livin' a full life as a loved companion, just as it should have been from the start.

Winston update with new sister 10-30-202


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Owner surrender

Fostered by:  Audrey

Adopted:   January 2020 by Melissa and family of five.

Audrey got Winston the Bulldog through surgery to repair Cherry Eye condition (red swollen mass caused by a gland prolapse) on both eyes.  Once healed, he made himself right at home with an awesome family of five, who made welcome signs for Winston.  Now Winston has a new canine sister and we can't even count all the wrinkles!  Can you hear the snorts?


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Gladwin Animal Shelter

Fostered by:  Tracey

Adopted:   July 2009 by Doug and Deb and Rocky the cat.

At 13 years young, Wrigs is still having fun and running every day and is very much

a loved member of the family.  He also enjoys the wind in his hair on jeep rides!  Interestingly, the pigmented spots on his skin are now showing up in his fur,

                   as he ages.  We're happy to see that Wrigley's curls are still intact!

Wrigley update 2020.jpeg
Wrigley with Doug Deb 2020.jpeg
toby 2 update Nov 2020.jpg


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Monroe County Animal Control

Fostered by:  Laura and Jason

Adopted:   August 2020 by Melissa

Adjusting to new home with Melissa like a champ!  Toby enjoys a daily 2-mile walk, playing with his toys and taking naps.  What a life! This photo is of Toby after quick trip to the groomer for a trim. At 13 years of age, Toby can still pull off a mohawk.  We're speculating that hidden under that scruffy exterior there is a 'mom' tattoo on his bicep, as well.  Can we get a translator, please.  We need to hear all of his stories! 

Sergei Rob and Denny update 2020.jpg

Ziggy (formerly Sergei) 

Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Gratiot County Animal Control

Fostered by:  Tracey

Adopted:   April 2016 by Rob and Denny

This sweet boy spent his first week at the shelter cowered in a corner.  The staff worked with him and by week three he was taking treats from their hands and wanted to play.  Ziggy has been a cautious dog since the day we met him and Tracey worked to build his confidence.  It took us a long time to find patient pet parents but today Ziggy is reportedly thriving, loves traveling and swimming and is 'such a good boy.'  

Cooper update 2020 crop.jpg


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Gratiot County Animal Control

Fostered by:  Tracey

Adopted:  November 2009 by the Thorington family

Cooper's family deemed him the best dog ever!  And, he may just be one of the luckiest as our volunteer was at the shelter the day Cooper was to be sold to a broker, which meant a life as a lab animal. Today, Cooper serves as chief snuggler and loves to play ball every single day. Despite getting up there in years he is ALL IN when it comes to playing ball and lovin' on his humans.

Sasha update 2016 flower.jpg


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Allegan County Shelter with 10 pups in her belly. Daddy was a black lab and all pups were born with black fur.  Owners were unable to care for all of the dogs and pups so Sasha was relinquished to the shelter and transferred to Waggin' Tails.

Fostered by:  4-Legged Friends Daycare and Tracey 

Adopted:  May 2013 by Tracy

Sasha was a great mama to her brood of pups and we adored all of them but Sasha enjoys her new life serving as trusty companion to her human mom.  Sasha's adopter said, "she has made such a huge difference in my life and I can only hope her life is all she deserves."



Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Detroit Animal Care and Control

Fostered by:  Jodi

Adopted:   April 2020 by Caitlin and Jeremy

Spencer fought off a bad case of pneumonia and some skin issues to become manager

                       of entertainment and snuggles for his new people who happen to both be                         frontline workers during the pandemic.  He enjoys camping, walks, sticks,                         treats, being a workout buddy and has never and will never believe in 

                       personal space.  Keep being you, Spence! 

Spencer camping.JPG
Spencer Pawdacious-Portraits a.jpg
Darby from RRouge Update 2021.jpg


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  River Rouge Animal Shelter at 4 months old.

Fostered by:  Kristy and family

Adopted:   2015 by the Crawford family 

Lil Darby needed surgery to repair two holes in her hip bone (avascular necrosis of femoral head/neck) but she was a trooper and recovered quickly. Darby was adopted 

                           soon after and so lucky to be the center of attention of her new family.  

                           Inset:  Darby & Ranger at the shelter prior to transfer to Waggin' Tails.

Ranger and Darby River Rouge at shelter
Shelby update Eccelstone family.PNG


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Owner surrender at 1.5 years of age.

Fostered by:  Tracey 

Adopted:  July 2012 by the Ecclestone family

Shelby was born to travel and enjoys family time on camping and up north trips. She has a special bond with mom and has been her constant companion during life's ups and downs. Shelby has also been mom's rock during the pandemic.  Way to go, Shelby!  

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