Where Are They Now?

The best part of every adoption is the happily-ever-after.  We love to hear from the amazing people who choose to give a Waggin' Tails rescue dog a second chance and all about their new lives together.

If you live with a Waggin' Tails alumni dog, please email your success story and photo to wtdr2008@yahoo.com.


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Genesee County Animal Control

Fostered by:  Eve

Adopted:  Feb 2017 by Adam and daughter Madison

From Adam:  I truly believe she saved us just as much as we may have saved her. She is the sweetest most loyal and loving dog.


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Detroit Animal Care and Control

Medical:  Treated for heartworm

Fostered by:  Tracey

Adopted:  June 2018 by Rebecca

From Cami:  I am living my best life navigating this world with my awesome new mom.


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Owner Surrender  

Fostered by:  Kenneled but championed by volunteers Monica, Tracey, and Kumi

Adopted:  Nov 2019 by Lesley & Daden and canine Dori

Enjoying his first boat ride.  Rocky routinely sends updates to his 'Aunt Monica.'


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Oakland County Animal Control after a one year stay.

Fostered by:  Natalie

Adopted:  Oct 2016 by Natalie and Mike

Athena is the apple of her mom's eye!

Photo taken by: Pawdacious Portraits


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Found as a stray.

Fostered by:  Andrea and Shawn

Adopted:  Mar 2015 by Andrea and Shawn

Elvis serves as trusty companion and fellow adventurer to his humans traveling the                                    country.  We sure wish Elvis had an Instagram page!

Frankie Jane

Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Owner Surrender at 10 1/2 weeks old as "Jane."

Fostered by:  Lauren & Derek

Adopted:  Jan 2016 by the Rubin's

           Frankie Jane (black & tan) spends most of her time with her brother from

           another mother when not on home security patrol and lets mom take as                 many pics as she wants.  


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  River Rouge Animal Shelter

Fostered by:  Jen B.

Adopted:  May 2017 by Sharon, Marc & their four sweet kids

Cinnamon's family goes all out and celebrates the day she arrived for a one week trial and her official Gotcha Day!  No doubt this girl found her forever place in the world.


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Part of the Explorer litter of 10, born to Detroit stray, Amelia.

Fostered by:  Jess & Mark

Adopted:  June 2015 by William & Rose

As a shameless snack swiper, Edmund is not taking his awesome life for granted and making the best of all adventures with his family. 


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Bark Nation

Fostered by:  Stephanie and Suzanne and Josh. Sometimes it takes a village.

Adopted:  August 2019 by Amber and Brandon

Found as the only surviving pup living in deplorable conditions, our girl is now living life to the fullest, getting all the snuggles she can.  As you can see, Emmy is a total daddy's girl!

Burrito Now Scooby

Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Detroit Animal Care & Control

Fostered by:  Suzanne 

Adopted:  August 2019 by Tracy and 

From Scooby's mom: Squirrel patrol is his favorite activity followed by frisbee. He's a character ;)  GREAT dog and makes everyone, even strangers, feel very loved and special to him.  We certainly are very grateful to all that led him our way!!!


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  River Rouge Animal Shelter

Fostered by:  Jen and Kevin

Adopted:  November 2018 by Susan and kitty Simon

Relinquished to the shelter with frustrating skin issues but now lives happily with Susan, playing fetch, chasing water from the hose, lounging on the hammock with mom and sometimes puts on his therapy-dog hat to spread some love. 


Came to Waggin’ Tails from:  Detroit Animal Care and Control (the old building)

Fostered by:  Cathy and Matt

Adopted:  November 2018 by Cathy and Matt plus canine sis, Josie

Jimmy Jimmerson is quite the spoiled doggo!  Mom and Dad serve up popsicles, pizza bones and homemade cakes to the most deserving boy. Jimmy also has a bed in the spare bathroom for ultimate comfort during scary thunderstorms and fireworks!

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