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Our Story

Puttin' the wag back into the tails of homeless dogs.

Waggin' Tails Dog Rescue emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and support the community, and a desire for actions to speak louder than words.   


The mission of Waggin’ Tails is to simply put the wag back into the tails of homeless dogs!  We believe that every dog is entitled to a well-balanced, safe, and fulfilled life as a companion. We take on the responsibility to provide medical and behavioral care in a nurturing, foster-home environment for our dogs of all ages, health status, and/or breed before transitioning them to permanent, loving homes. We also utilize humane, train-without-pain methods to communicate and teach life skills to our canines.


Founded in 2007, Waggin’ Tails Dog Rescue is an all-volunteer, 501c3 non-profit charity serving the Northville and surrounding communities.  Our volunteers are dedicated to saving all breeds of abandoned, stray or surrendered dogs from southeast Michigan and throughout the state. 


Waggin’ Tails is supported solely by donations, grants, and fundraising efforts. Our all-volunteer, foster-based organization means that your donations will be focused solely on providing care for the dogs.


Every dog that is accepted into our program will be spayed/neutered, checked and treated for any medical condition (parasites, ear infection, dental work, Heartworm, etc.) and given age-appropriate vaccinations plus micro-chipped.

We get to know each dog as an individual in our foster care program.  Every dog has a unique personality that is based upon their genetics, background, experiences, training and the environment in which they lived.   We make every effort to place each dog into the best suited home environment for their individual personality and needs, most compatible with the expectations and lifestyle of the adoptive person/family.  Our volunteers put a lot of thought and care into each adoption because it is the best way to ensure that our dogs remain in their homes for the rest of their lives. 

When we’re not dealing with the serious side of rescue you’ll discover that we’re all total dog nerds here at Waggin’ Tails.  While we have families, careers, and dare we say, hobbies other than dogs, each of us felt drawn to help better the lives of our amazing four-legged companions. 

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