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Become a Foster

Because the only thing better than getting a second chance is giving one!

Waggin’ Tails is a foster-based rescue without a shelter to house our dogs so every person who opens their heart and home to a dog in need is truly a life-saver and has the power to change an animal’s life in a very direct way! 

Call us at 248-788-7050 and a volunteer will be happy to answer your questions!

Foster: Service
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The Process

Step 2

We'll contact you to discuss your app and provide program details.

Step 3

We'll schedule a meet-n-greet to help set you up for success.

Step 4

Become an official foster parent.  Let's get you a foster dog!

What Our Fosters Say

Quinn and Tracey 5-17-2015 B A.jpg

My advice on fostering would be to have the understanding that the perfect dog is not going to walk through the door.  They often need time and space to feel safe and get into the routine of your home.  So be willing and able to work through that transition period because the real dog - the sweet, loving, goofy, happy to be alive dog - is waiting on the other side. 

                   ~ Tracey with Quinn

Earl and Jen 2017 crop.jpg

Thinking about fostering?  Do it!!! Just understand that you are a part of their journey, your job is to love them and also learn what kind of home they would do best in.  You’re a stepping stone to their perfect family. You’ll fall in love with each one but you will be able to let them go, knowing that they are going to an amazing home.

                        ~ Jen with Earl Grey

Becoming a foster parent allows you to experience of changing a dog's future and become part of a wonderful community of people who have the same passion for animals that you do.   Join us!

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